What is Inkcap?

Inkcap is a newsletter about nature and conservation in the UK.

I set up Inkcap in May 2020 to create a dedicated space for journalism about the British environment: about wildflower meadows and ancient woodland, rewilding and restoration, landscapes and creatures, and everything in between.

The natural world is in crisis. Yet a lot of environmental journalism focuses on the issues facing other countries. We look to the Amazon, ignoring the hectares that have already been razed on these islands, and worry about rhinos while our native species dwindle towards extinction. This is not someone else’s problem; we must take accountability for our own environment.

Inkcap seeks to address this. Every Friday, I send out a roundup of the news, reports and science concerning the UK environment. It includes everything from local news reports to academic journals – a one-stop shop to keep you informed of the good, the bad and the ugly.

On Wednesdays, I send out a piece of original journalism, written and reported by me, on some feature of the UK’s natural world. Inkcap is totally independent, and I seek to bring light to topics that have not been sufficiently covered elsewhere, with all the nuance and complexity that can involve.

I may occasionally send out other pieces, too: comment and interviews, book reviews and essays, and quick fire analysis. To the extent I can, I hope to include a variety of voices and perspectives in Inkcap. If you would like to submit something along these lines, please email me at editor@inkcap.co.uk.

Who reads Inkcap?

Inkcap is for anyone.

It is for wanderers, nature-lovers, birdwatchers, botanists, ecologists, conservationists, guerrilla gardeners, rewilders, ocean-goers, lepidopterists and entomologists, writers, trespassers, beachcombers, campaigners, farmers, hillwalkers, kayakers, meadowmakers, wild swimmers, biologists.

Inkcap is already read by hundreds of people each week, including individuals from across government, non-governmental organisations and media. Here is what some readers have said so far:

Lucy Jones @lucyjones
Learning so much from this brilliant newsletter, e.g. that moths transport pollen through the night

Inkcap @inkcapjournal

This week's news roundup includes the latest news, comment + features on the nature and conservation in the UK, including @RobGMacfarlane @GeorgeMonbiot @lucyjones @gow_derek @TheMushyPea @CraigBennett3 @MerlinSheldrake @Alexander_Lees + more. https://t.co/mi0BBEy9t4

Who writes Inkcap?

I do. Hello. I’m Sophie Yeo.

I’m a freelance journalist based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, and I’ve been writing about the environment since 2013.

Initially, I worked as a staff writer at two publications in London: Climate Home and Carbon Brief. In 2017, I went freelance. Since then, my work has been published in the Guardian, the Washington Post, Nature, National Geographic, BBC Future, Pacific Standard and other places. You can see examples on my website.

How is Inkcap funded?

At the moment, it’s not. I am writing Inkcap voluntarily, in between freelancing for other publications. It takes up a lot of time, though.

If I could, I would do it for free forever; I believe that journalism should be available to everybody. However, like everyone else, I need to earn money.

The plan is to eventually move Inkcap towards a subscription model, where certain content is available to paying subscribers only. I plan to do this in around 3-4 months, or when I have enough subscribers to make it worth it.

In the meantime, you can help me to cover the bills by buying me a digital coffee. I would like to thank everyone who has done this – it means so much!