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There is often a public misunderstanding about allotments which is centred around an escape to nature with a fresh food thrown in as a bonus. Make no mistake an allotment plot holder who neglects a plot and allows it to, 'return to nature' will be frowned upon and ultimately evicted. All allotment gardeners are different and many have no problems with weed killers, chemical sprays and peat based compost. They are keen on production. Another point is the efforts required by allotment committees and often local councils in keeping the site running and plots available. This is often a burden to stretched local administrations. There are sometimes tensions-use of hosepipes and the costing of water supplies can raise tempters. The advantages are obvious but one asset is often overlooked: allotments can be multi-cultural meeting places. As well as long term talented Polish gardeners, we have African and West Indian plot holders growing very different crops and introducing interesting varieties . In summary, do try it but with open eyes and work with the hard pressed committee and finally do you really need all that water from a hosepipe!

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