Best wishes with your effort to keep Britain’s public footpaths “public”. Public rights-of-way are truly a national treasure in a country that has so little public land ownership.

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Yes John Timbrell is right, the article is badly written with the first paragraphs confusing. One shouldn’t have to read on to get that corrected! Let’s hope the writer can do better next time. Good cause though in general.

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Dear Sophie, I despair of the people that surround me.​

​I only read the first paragraph of the footpaths article to realise that the lady writing it has no common sense. I write this without ill will or vexatiousness; I just despair that people do not use their brains.

So, the government is trying to use a back door method to eliminate our footpaths. Coreen Grant is actually assisting them by stating that all individual footpaths need to be recorded by persons or councils recording individual footpaths.

Most footpaths are already recorded and shown on the ordnance survey maps and council records. Only those in dispute need to be individually investigated.

The government could be stopped in its devious tracks by Coreen highlighting this.

The government was just yesterday stopped in their evil ways when they advocated compulsory vaccinations for Care Home workers. No less a person than David Davis MP spelled out our common law as confirmed in the Nuremburg rules that any medical treatment must be for the benefit of the treated person, not for the benefit of others. Treatment without consent is assault.

Coreen could publish what I wrote about the Ordnance survey already holding the necessary record of footpaths. Will she do so? Only time will tell. Sincerely JohnT.

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Hello John. I recommend reading beyond the first paragraph if you want to understand more about the issue! Best, Sophie

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