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Wonderful. Thank you Sophie. Thank you Derek.

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I am not happy about the reference to various meats. We should all be at least vegetarian and preferably vegan.

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Derek - I try to introduce people interested to the ideas around 'value' and measurement of ecological services. There is often a 'gut reaction 'push back to this idea of trying to place a value on nature. However, this is a valid way to approach protection/conservation, issues . Economists are not always the bad guys ! You may be interested in a book just published, How to Value a Skylark: the Countryside in a Time of Change, which looks at these and other countryside issues which will become (hopefully) important topics during this decade,

Brian Kerr

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"The Dutch who coined its initial use now refer to rewilding as “New Nature""

"New Nature is about large areas of land being enabled to become free-willed, where large, semi-domesticated and wild ungulates can create landscapes that give opportunities for smaller creatures"

Two quotations that betray the historical and ecological ignorance of Derek Gow and his fellow safari park "rewilders"

Rewilding arose from conservation biology and the collaboration of scientists with citizen activists in designing networks of interconnected reserves at a regional scale. It is predicated on full trophic occupancy, the ecological poise in natural systems arising when large carnivores interact with herbivory. Everything else is just gardening

NATURAL SCIENCE AND SPATIAL APPROACH OF REWILDING - Evolution in meaning of rewilding in Wild Earth and The Wildlands Project


Sophie – I value a news system that keeps me up with things I may have missed, but it has been disappointing to see how quickly you have fallen into giving publicity to the populist opinions of the usual suspects, irrespective of its veracity.

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